This 7 Annoying Issue Turns Out Forcing Tenant To Do On-Site Inspection, Do You Agree?

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It all started when you want to get an apartment for rent, the first step that you did mostly googl-ing for an apartment rental, then google gave you the list of property portal which may suit to your search. Sort them out and you’ll find two or three property portal that you think represented professionally, open search filter based on how many bedrooms you need, location and price range that suits around your budget and voila! The apartment list attached with the real estate agent number is ready to take your message or phone call.

The above story continued as following, you start it by sending messages to the real estate agent that you are interested in their listing and asking them to show you around on some unit they had in those places that you already targeted. The message goes to two agents for each weekend until the 4th weekend, each agent brings three listings with them, set up on-site inspection time and you will start to meet them up on location each weekend. Now you have already got around 24 listing options selection on the 4th weekend. But for some others who in need to cut on-site time inspection, they tried to take one whole day on weekend and collect all 5 to 8 agent in 1-day inspection to get as many listing options they can get.

Why is it happening ?

Many on-site inspections are held actually because of the lack of listings detail information, misleading information and many more, which in the end it related with trust issue on the listings and the listers who puts the online ads. Apartment hunters were afraid to buy a pig in a poke which left them to uncertainty once they already put the money, It’s like betting and even worst jeopardizing themselves to get an apartment that they don’t like and live there for months only because they choose to pay for the wrong pig.

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One more thing, let’s face it, it’s buyer time now in the market, long gone the landlord era who thinks that they can hold on to their price with unstandardized furnished apartment especially in one of Asia capital city Jakarta, moreover some of the listings were offered as half ready accommodation, yes indeed! it’s not a hotel which everything is ready when you check in, but it’s a headache when you have to ask this and that to get all things ready on those unit apartments moreover keep doing on-site inspection over and over again. You would have done it only just to make sure you have peace of mind because you already check everything and it is already under your control.

Here are the 7 annoying issue you have to deal with

  • Unclear real unit size information

If you look close enough at listings ads online, there is a wide gap for similar apartment listing with a different size which should be a standard size for each bedroom listed. Most information presented at listing ads online shows you none of the information above, so you have to dwell information through the listers themselves, its kind a tricky actually but it happens. So let me try to explain, there is 2 type of size that one of them should be presented on the listing ads, which are a net size and semi-gross size. The one who should get on the listing information is the net size which is the actual size of the unit, but some lister presents the semi-gross size to act as if the unit size is bigger so they can raise a little bit price because it is bigger, indeed.

  • What is included and what is not?

On some other cases lack information on maintenance fee, service charge fee and so on, usually done by lister as a room for negotiation especially when you aim price lower then what they expected, then maintenance fee and service charge will be loaded to adjust the price, and as for other inclusive benefits mostly listers will inform you that those are excluded on the price and should be paid by yourself as tenant.

  • Does term of payment and minimum stay period related to final price?

When it comes to adjusting the minimum rental period it will depends on the lister whether they can accept split payment or full in advanced on the term of payment. It’s a game of negotiation between you and the lister, you can ask for split payment and lister raise the price or you want to pay fully in advanced and push for bottom price or you might lucky to win both which is split payment and get a net bottom price from previous asking price on the listing ads

  • Grey area on facilities information

Facilities in the apartment mostly already common and should belongs free of charge, but on some apartment it doesnt. In some apartment, developers were renting out some space located in the apartment building to fitness center as one of building merchant so its not free, meanwhile the apartment also have one small gym for tenants on the same building. Take another example are BBQ area or tenant meetup spot, should be free to use when you want to hanging around with some friends or relatives, but turns out charged based per 2 hour rent by building management along with cleaning fees.

  • Crappy layout

You haven’t got a clue until you went for inspection and founds out the layout wasn’t like what you had expected, with so many alleys, even squishy master bedroom and so on. Most landlord or representing agent are not aware to gave layout on the listing information which leads to another question for every tenant whose interested in renting the listings, is the living room are quite big enough for tenant who brings kids and wife, or is it the kitchen separated from main area, and other more stuff needed to get answered.

  • Unrepair or broken furnished

At this point somehow you find out that there’s some peeling wallpaper, spotted wall mirror, wall or floor cracks and so on. Here’s why,  for some of the landlord was expecting to get a deal first and then replaced the broken things immediately before the tenant move in. Other issues are when the previous tenant already move out, the unit left with some minor repairment but still marketed before getting repaired.

  • Deceiving unit pictures

What you see should be what you will get, right folks? But It turns out when you inspect, the real one isn’t as described as on the picture. When you first open the listing ads online mostly presented by an amateur picture and blurred virtual tour(if any). Those presented pictures actually not presenting anything, because pictures presented to you only from few best angle and not all corner of the listing. And when you also look at the virtual tour, most are crap virtual tour quality which sends you from one room to another with blurry effects so there’s no point you will get thoroughly inspection experience online, instead, it’s making you dizzy, have you tried yet?

What is the solution?
, Asia’s first 100% online booking apartment platform which presents you  virtual walkthrough online inspection anywhere anytime 24/7, VR, detail unit info, transparency on include exclude cost, unit image, real floorplan image, video tour, surrounding image, free cable/internet/aircon services (online promos), nett real unit size info, minimum stay option, exact free facilities infos, unit move in ready  and whole lot more, then at the end of the day after your book gets accepted, you will be assisted by verified PIC’s to fulfilled the simple paperwork needed without any hassle until your move-in date.

The full information provided by klikapartment to you is already through our inspection check based on the real condition of the unit apartment and ready to move in, its stated on the platform to make it very simple and easy for you on simplifying your search for sure, along with all the information that you need to go for a final decision brings full confidence and peace of mind on bookings! Because well… it’s just that easy.

Does Tenant Really Care Much About Great Services From Real Estate Agency?

To get the exact answer we have to ask ourselves as if we are on tenant perspectives, what caused those great services affected on us, is it awesome, good or poor. Let’s say we are a tenant who wants to rent one unit apartment for ourselves, what do we have in mind? Most of us would like to get a nice cozy luxurious furnished apartment, with unblocking wide view from the balcony, large living room and bathroom attached to large  master bedroom, not forget to mention it has to be in prime location near our office, and it has to be budget fit, moreover gets included with internet connection and cable TV would be perfect also 24 hours concierge real estate agents services would be a great deal for us, then at the end of the day we said yeah, it’s super awesome! Worth every penny! What our thoughts above about what we expect is absolutely natural and common, there’s nothing wrong with it.

But when it comes to getting the services from a real estate agent, many questions appear on how do you differ a real estate agent from one another? Do they suggest you the best deal worth to value apartment? Do they give you additional benefits such as free internet, free cable tv, and other free promos? Do they have the same standard services? Or do they have competencies to bring the same level of services between you or other customers that they serve? Hopefully yes, but most aren’t, especially in one of Asia’s capital city Jakarta.

Why is that so? It’s because so many real estate agents that don’t have real estate agent certification with lack of experience trying to become one, which bring a vary level of services from poor to great services. If you get the average one, consider you are lucky enough to have them, if not so it’s a loss.

Great services from real estate agents actually not 24/7 concierge services, it’s actually they already set up their level services according to your based needs on renting one unit apartment. It comes with three big points of tenancy procedures which are the move in preparation, during the rental period and move out procedures.

illustration : move in preparation – real estate agent

The most important point is the move in preparation, they have to get all paperwork documentation, collect tenant data, ensure all the inventory list are ready to use include the electronic appliances such as water heater, washing machine, air conditioner cleaning etc. , the last is general unit cleaning. They prepare those task before the tenant moves in, quite similar to the one when you want to check in a hotel room. The first point of the services is that they will provide some information on when you will get your utility bills, internet and cable tv registration which is excluded on rental price, provide you tenant information about where to get the water gallon, gas tank and so on. Some tenant will get full information and some don’t, sometimes also depend on whether you can pull out the information from them or not,so you need to be proactive, moreover if you are an expatriate, additional information that you need from the real estate agent is where to get domicile letter which needed for your immigration visa process.

Second point is during your stay period, somehow damage or broken things happen on the unit apartment, even it is probably an accident or caused by the usage age of those things, for instance, broken water tap, toilet cant flushed, peeled wallpaper and so on, somehow it becomes frustrating when you come home on late evening from meeting marathon at work, and these things comes up. If the real estate agent didn’t give you the proper tenant guide information sheet on the first move in date for whose you gonna call that night, I’ll assure you it’s a nightmare.

Third point when you want to move out, it will be troublesome if you don’t have proper and clear inventory list at the beginning since you enter the premises, because some landlords are easy to deal with and some are not, some will release you on cost of some inventory that you broke or lost, and some will charge you beyond your cost assumption expectation.

After a while you will think how hassle it is to get inappropriate real estate agent with poor level of services, but to be honest, no need to worry because  there’s a great new way on renting apartment without any hassle only on Klikapartment

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Klikapartment is a similar business model to online holiday rental, but focus specifically on Apartment rental for stays of 30 days or longer. We are a 100% online booking platform, offering many lists of apartments in town, rooms, studios for new people in town, professionals and everyone else as well. We’re for anyone, regardless of age or professional status.

The Klikapartment great new experience to do online inspection with virtual walkthrough which can be accessed 24/7 anytime anywhere, replacing the need for on-site inspection in order to saved time and expense for both tenants and landlords. Which we strongly believe everything is logical when it can save you time and expense. Besides, we have many additional benefits when you book an apartment from our platforms, such as free internet connection, free cable tv, free aircon services, free parking lot and many more…

We take professional photos, design floor plans, and serve our tenant with the new advanced virtual walkthrough tour of the apartment. We inspect each unit for you, also write detailed descriptions about the apartment, include exclude cost and everything you need to know about the unit, which we present with transparency to you so you don’t need to get con for peek a boo cost or any sort.

You will never walk alone, because after tenants settle the online payment, there will be Verified PIC as your new point of contact to help and guide you through until you move in also handle if you need further assistance feel free to ask, moreover we provide tracking menu on our platform so you can keep track on your progress easy and smooth. Our customer support also glad to assist you on each online process until a Verified PIC take over to assist you on your period of stay.

Just simplify your apartment search, because well… it’s just that easy!

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